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For training ROV Pilots in STORM Training Centre there are included:

  • multimedia computer classroom,
  • simulator classroom,
  • training ground for drilling practical skills of ROV piloting,
  • training ground for drilling practical skills on ROV technical maintenance,
  • training ground for drilling practical skills of launch and recovery operations.

In the multimedia computer classroom there are installed:

  • CBT Library “Basic Introductory Course for New Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Personnel”;
  • CBT Library “Training of Remotely Operated Vehicle pilots for obtaining certificate “ROV Pilot/Technician Grade II”;
  • Knowledge evaluation software complex;
  • “IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases” software complex in maritime English.

ROV Piloting Simulator is installed in the simulator classroom, ROV Simulator complies with class "A" in accordance with IMCA classification.

With the use of this simulator there are drilled: ROV (observation and working classes) piloting practical skills, including drilling of skills on examination of the underwater objects, their inspection and interference.

Training ground for drilling of ROV piloting practical skills is a roofed pool, equipped with the full-scale mock-ups, system of the underwater video observation for registration of exercises performance, and ROV launch and recovery system. Classes are carried out with the use of AC ROV (SP50) and ROVBUILDER, equipped with the manipulator.

The ground for drilling practical skills on ROV technical maintenance includes the ROV apparatus models and components, the set of the specialized instruments.

The ground for launch and recovery drilling includes an automatic launch and recovery system and a ROV model.