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At the present time during underwater-technical works use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) becomes more wide-spread.

All personnel engaged in ROV operations should be sufficiently competent for executing the assigned tasks. Competence must be proved by the corresponding qualification and presence of work experience but mostly a combination of both is required.

The majority of the companies which use ROV apparatus, are International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Members and adhere to its standards.

Performing the missions set by its Constitution IMCA developed the list of Guidances in which there are specified the minimum requirements for qualification and level of ROV personnel competence, and recommendations on their training and assessment.

STORM Training Centre being a Member of IMCA in Remote Systems & ROV Division carries out the courses of ROV pilots training in full compliance with IMCA recommendations.

To achieve these aims STORM Training Centre is equipped with modern hardware and software, which includes our own developments. :: More details

Courses are held by qualified instructors having great experience in ROV piloting and technical maintenance.

At the end of training students are issued international form certificates and IMCA ROV personnel logbooks.


Duration: 21 days.
Price: 2.700$


Duration: 21 days.
Price: 2.700$

Duration: 3 days.
Price: 600$

Duration: 3 days.
Price: 600$

Duration: 10 days.
Price:  4 220$

The above listed Training is organized in accordance with
International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) recommendations

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