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Course program is composed in accordance with IMCA R 010 ”Guidance on Outline Syllabi for ROV-Related Training Courses”.

“Study of Hydraulic Systems” course is an additional professional training, intended for ship personnel operating and maintaining high voltage hydraulic systems.

In STORM Training Centre training in Training on Hydraulic Systems
is organized in accordance with
“STORM-M” Technology
in 3 steps:

Theoretical training

Acquisition of practical skills

Assessment of skills and knowledge

Duration of training is three days

Theoretical training

For Stage 1 two days are required.

Theoretical training is carried out
in the distance form with the use
of CBT Modules Library in your
personal account.

Acquisition of practical

Practical lessons are organized in the technical block during 1 day (7 hours).

During practical training the following practical skills are obtained:

• Safety during operation of high voltage hydraulic systems;
• Use of hydraulic systems components;
• Repair/maintenance of hydraulic systems;
• Use of test equipment.

Assessment of skills
and knowledge

Examination at the end of training
includes theoretical skills assessment
and practical skills obtaining.

At the end of training each student is issued:

“Training on Hydraulic Systems”
Certificate Become familiar
Become familiar

There are no legislative requirements for ROV personnel qualification, Completing any of the above mentioned courses is formally not a basis for recruitment. IMCA recommends candidates to discuss the matters of recruitment with the contractors before making a decision on training courses completion.