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In accordance with IMCA recommendations to receive “ROV Pilot Technician Grade I” certificate a candidate should have not less than 180 days of experience as “ROV Pilot Technician Grade II” and minimum 100 hours of ROV piloting, of which 40 hours can be piloted on the simulators of “A” Class.


In STORM Training Centre

there is organized training on the simulator which complies with class
“A” in accordance with IMCA classification, intended for ROV Pilots
Grade I training.

Holders of “ROV Pilot Technician Grade II” certificates received not
in STORM Training Centre are accepted to simulator training after
entry assessment.

After simulator training each student is issued

Filled in “IMCA ROV Personnel Logbook”;
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“ROV Pilot Technician Grade I” Certificate
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There are no legislative requirements for ROV personnel qualification, Completing any of the above mentioned courses is formally not a basis for recruitment. IMCA recommends candidates to discuss the matters of recruitment with the contractors before making a decision on training courses completion.